What is The Wandering Long Table?

The Wandering Long Table is a monthly pop-up, adventurous dining experience.

​Featuring​ tantalizing fresh food sourced from local farms and artisans. A true pasture-to-plate banquet, where a naturally beautiful landscape transforms the feast into an experience not to be soon forgotten.

​N​o two ​events ​are alike. Each adventure features a new and surprising array of local produce that changes as the seasons do. Our ‘wandering’ adventure locations are meticulously and creatively styled to suit each event and stimulate all of your senses in the most delightful ways imaginable.

Bringing new friends and local farms together, we aim to create the connection of community. Book your invitation to our next event and share our table.


Get To Know Our Farmers


Akesi Farms

Meadow Farm Florals

Dancing Goats Farm

Redtail Farms

Forage & Farm

Steel Pony Farm

Lady’s Hat Farm

Thompson Acres


Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms

Thompson Small Farm